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Welcome to ANT&CO!

Ants from all over the world.

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Are you new to raising ants?
Here is our selection!

Beginner breeder

ANT&CO, what is it?

ANT&CO is the brand of Thibaud Torel, better known on social medias as Thibaud Atta. This brand was born with the aim of sharing a passion, knowledge and experiences with many of you! His passion for ants started more than 12 years ago. Thibaud wants to exchange, learn and grow by your side, whether you are beginners or confirmed breeder!

This site includes a sales space but also a space for exchanges, so you can ask your questions or send us comments.

You will find a large selection of species from all around the world.


We will always be at your disposal, before or after the acquisition of a colony. 

Hoping to count you among the ANT&CO Family!


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A question? An advice? An observation? Tell us!

Thank you!

Basile L., Lille

“Fast shipping, quality product and excellent customer service. »

Original testimonials from the ANT&CO Facebook page.

Félicie L., Melun 

“ Fast and careful shipping. My Camponotus gyne and her little worker are doing well. Thank you very much and see you soon. »

Aurélien K., Versailles

“Super fast shipping. Super well protected delivery. Ant (Pheidole) in shape. The jellies are varied and great! I highly recommend. »
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