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General terms and conditions


All products marked in stock are available for sale. The quantity of products (stock) is regularly updated according to arrivals.

A detailed description is provided for each physical item. For ants: breeding conditions, size of the colony..., for equipment: size, material... Photos are also added to each product to illustrate the description. However, they are all non-contractual: each ant is different from another, for example. We will answer all the questions about every species sold on our site, whether before or after purchase. Our priority is the breeder's success and the well-being of the ants.

According to our arrivals, the different species are offered in several sizes: queen only, queen and workers... This choice is available on the page of the article (species) concerned. The price shown is the price for the smallest colony (or queen) available, excluding shipping costs. All our ants (queens and colonies) have brood (eggs, larvae, pupae/cocoons). However, sometimes, due to transport and the stress (queen), the brood is consumed during transport by the queen. On arrival, there will be no brood. Unlike the queen, the brood is not living arrival guaranteed. We are not responsible for its loss, and this does not jeopardize the queen's life. Laying should resume within a few weeks. No refunds or exchanges will be made.

Shipment of your orders:

Your orders are dispatched from Monday to Thursday, so that they do not remain at the transport company's warehouse on Sundays, thus shortening their journey as much as possible.

Your order will be dispatched within 3 to 4 working days after payment.

ANT&CO has the right to suspend shipments when temperatures are too low and the lives of our ants are in danger. You will be informed of this via a banner at the top of our site and on all our pages.

* Several shipping methods are available for your orders:

- Colissimo shipment: for less fragile species of ants when temperatures are above 5 degrees at night. They are shipped in a small box. This option includes delivery directly to your mailbox. If you prefer delivery to an access point, please let us know before purchasing. Delivery time is 2 to 3 days.

- Chronopost: for fragile or high-value items, or when the temperature is below 5 degrees at night. Delivery time is 1 to 2 days.

  • Delivery times may be extended for reasons beyond our control. We remain at your disposal to give you all the information you need, but we are not responsible for any loss, damage and/or delay to your parcel. If your parcel is lost or badly damaged (broken equipment, death of the ant, etc.), we will be able to reship your order while stocks last. Please allow 5 to 7 working days for your order to be reshipped. No refunds will be made.

  • As part of our commitment to the environment, all our packaging is made from recycled materials.

Hand deliveries can be made to the following address: 41 rue de la Poterne, 45000 - Orléans, France. This method is preferred whenever possible for more fragile species. To choose this method, you need to select "hand delivery" at the time of payment, so you won't have to pay any shipping costs.

For conventional shipping, the cost of shipping will be communicated to you when you pay for your order. These costs can vary, and include postage, packaging and shipping boxes. You may also find a heater (heatpack) in your parcel if the temperature at the time of dispatch is below 5 degrees at night. You will not be charged for this.

0.5% of your payment will be donated to the climate cause.

The arrival of your ants:

Ants are living arrival guaranteed, in good condition and fertilized in France and Europe. If this is not the case and your ant arrives dead, it is imperative that you send clear and legible photos to the following e-mail address: on the day of delivery,with other information such as your contact details and your order number. Any ants arriving in poor condition must then be returned to us at the following postal address:

Thibaud Torel

41 rue de la Poterne

45000 - Orléans, France

This return is at your expense, but we guarantee you a full refund of the price of the item ordered (excluding shipping costs) or the reshipment of your ants with free delivery, if stock is available. An agreement of equivalent value can be reached in the opposite case.

Once your ants have been received and the day of arrival deadline has passed, we cannot guarantee their survival. We cannot take responsibility for your decisions regarding breeding conditions. You will therefore no longer be eligible for a refund or exchange once the arrival day has passed.

Payment of your orders:

- by Paypal, this payment is very fast. It is possible to pay via Paypal without having an account with them. If you choose to pay in instalments, please note that we are not responsible for any problems encountered with this option. Please contact Paypal customer service directly. This option is independent of ANT&CO.

- by direct payment link, please contact us so that we can send you a direct payment link with SumUp.

- by cash, this method of payment is ideal for hand-deliveries or events (fairs, exhibitions...). Please write to us to let us know that you would like to pay in cash for a hand-delivery at our showroom. Please bring a deposit.

- by check, which will be dispatched on receipt (at our head office) and cashed.

ANT&CO supplies high quality ants at the best prices. These prices are subject to change according to supply and demand for the various species. On request, we can provide you with as much information as possible about the origin of the ants, subject to confidentiality.​

During special offers, the price displayed will be the price with the discount, while the initial price will be crossed out. Only one promotional code can be used per order. Each promotional code applies only to the initial price of the item. We'll also be running promotions where we'll be giving away ants. These are offered to you if your order exceeds a certain amount. This minimum amount does not take into account the price of postage: if an ant is offered above €100 of purchase, it will be €100 excluding postage.

Right of withdrawal:

As an ANT&CO customer, you have the right to cancel your order within 14 working days of receiving it (French law). If you want to apply this right, the ants must be returned in the same condition and under the same conditions as you received them to the following address:

Thibaud Torel

41 rue de la Poterne

45000 - Orléans, France

If ANT&CO considers that you have not complied with these conditions, the right of withdrawal will not apply. These are living beings and our main concern is their well-being. We cannot put the ants through a lot of stress and several journeys, as this would greatly increase their mortality rate. An arrangement will be found to satisfy both parties.​

Please write to us and ask as many questions as possible before purchasing.

You will be responsible for the cost of returning the ants to us. Provided that the ants returned under the right of withdrawal arrive alive, you will be reimbursed within 14 days of receipt of the ants by Paypal or bank transfer. The time taken to receive the refund may vary depending on the bank, and we are not responsible for this delay.

By placing an order on, you automatically accept our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with our conditions, you will not be able to order on our site.

Any act of threat (Article 222-17 - The threat to commit a crime or an offence against persons, the attempt of which is punishable, is punishable by six months' imprisonment and a fine of 7,500 euros when it is either repeated, or materialized by a writing, an image or any other object) or public defamation (Articles 32 and 33 of the law of July 29, 1881 on freedom of the press), will result in legal proceedings (Articles of French law). 

ANT&CO remains at your disposal for any questions you may have about these terms and conditions of sale, via the contact section or by e-mail:

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