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Species: Myrmica rubra


Breeding difficulty: Easy


Castes: No


Size :

Queen: 6-7 millimeters

Workers: 4-5 millimeters


Type of foundation: Non-claustral independent


Harvest location: France


Number of gynes: Polygyne


Rearing temperatures: 24-28 degrees


Rearing humidity: 80-90%


Food: Insects and sweet liquids


Hibernation: Yes, 3 months at 10-15 degrees.


Type of nest: Reconstituted stone, resinated plaster, terrarium, cellular concrete


Description: Myrmica rubra is the famous red ant. It has a sting but the sting is not very painful, if it stings somewhere where the skin is thin. It lives in rather humid areas and forms colonies of several thousand workers, it is also highly polygynous, there can be several dozen queens in a single colony.

Myrmica rubra

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