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Species: Temnothorax parvulus 


Breeding difficulty: Easy 


Castes : No


Size :

Queen: 4-5 millimeters

Workers: 2-3 millimeters


Foundation type: Independent claustrum


Harvesting area: Spain 


Number of gynes: Monogyne


Growing temperatures: 24-28 degrees


Rearing humidity: 60-70


Food: Insects and sweet liquids


Hibernation: Yes, 3 months at 10-15 degrees.  


Nest type: reconstituted stone, resin plaster, terrarium, cellular concrete


Description: Temnothorax parvulus is one of over 500 species in the Temnothorax genus. This discreet species often lives in dead wood and forms colonies of just a few hundred workers, making it ideal for breeding in cohabitation with another species.

Temnothorax parvulus

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