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Species: Pachycondyla crassinoda


Breeding difficulty: Difficult


Castes: No


Size :

Queen: 20-22 millimeters

Workers: 16-18 millimeters


Type of foundation: Non-claustral independent


Harvest location: Guyana


Number of gynes: Monogyne


Rearing temperatures: 24-26 degrees


Rearing humidity: 80-90%


Food: Insects and sweet liquids


Hibernation: No


Type of nest: Reconstituted stone, resinated plaster, terrarium, cellular concrete


Description: Pachycondyla crassinoda is a large ponerine from South America. Concerning the foundation, you must feed the queen every 2-3 days with sugary liquid and then also insects when there are larvae. The foundation is possible in pleometrosis, that is to say with several queens who will help each other in order to maximize the success of the foundation. Pachycondyla crassinoda is monogyne, so it is necessary to separate the queens when there are cocoons, so that the most difficult stage of founding has passed.

Pachycondyla crassinoda

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