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Species: Myrmecocystus mimicus


Breeding difficulty: Medium


Castes: Yes, honeypot caste.


Size :

  • Queen: 9-10 millimeters
  • Workers: 3-7 millimeters


Type of foundation: Independent clastral


Harvest location: United States


Number of gynes: Monogyne


Rearing temperatures: 26/28 degrees.


Rearing humidity: 70/80%


Food: Insects and sweet liquids


Hibernation: No


Type of nest: Resinated plaster, terrarium, reconstituted stone, cellular concrete. Nest with high galleries so that the honey pots can hang from it.


Description: Myrmecocystus mimicus is a species of honey pot ants, they have a caste of workers that can store sugary liquids in their social crop until the abdomen expands several times its original size.

Myrmecocystus mimicus

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