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Species: Messor cephalotes


Breeding difficulty: Easy


Castes : Yes


Size :

Queen: 22-23 millimeters

Workers: 3-12 millimeters

Soldiers: 14-22 millimeters


Foundation type: Claustrale independent


Harvesting area: Kenya 


Number of gynes: Monogyne


Rearing temperatures: 26-28 degrees


Rearing humidity: 60-70


Food: Seeds and insects.


Hibernation: No


Nest type: reconstituted stone, resin plaster, terrarium, cellular concrete


Description: Messor cephalotes is the largest Messor species in the world, with the queen reaching over 2 cm in length. In addition to being very large, this is a very colorful species, with both the queen and the workers red in color. Soldiers have very large heads, up to 3/4 mm, the size of the smallest workers. It is also an aggressive species, consuming many insects unlike other Messor species.

Messor cephalotes

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