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Species: Formica sanguinea


Breeding difficulty: Easy


Castes : No


Size :

Queen: 9-10 millimeters

Workers: 3-6 millimeters

Foundation type: Non claustral dependent 


Harvesting area: France


Number of gynes: Polygynous 


Rearing temperatures: 22-24 degrees


Rearing humidity: 70-80


Food: Insects and sweet liquids 


Hibernation: Yes, 4 months at 10-15 degrees 


Colony type: Resinated plaster, cellular concrete, reconstituted stone, terrarium


Description: Formica sanguinea is a species of slave ants, which parasitize Serviformica such as Formica fusca, Formica rufibarbis or Formica lemani. The addition of slaves is not necessary over time.

Formica sanguinea

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