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Species: Atta cephalotes


Breeding difficulty: Difficult


Castes: Yes


Size :

Queen: 24-26 millimeters

Workers: 3-10 millimeters

Soldiers: 10-22 millimeters


Type of foundation: Independent clastral


Harvest location: Trinidad and Tobago


Number of gynes: Monogyne


Rearing temperatures: 20-26 degrees


Rearing humidity: 80-90%


Food: Various plants


Hibernation: No


Type of nest: Leaf cutter type installation composed of different tanks


Adult colony size: several hundred thousand to several hundred thousand workers


Description: Atta cephalotes is a species of leaf-cutter ants, they live in a fungus that they feed on plants. The fungus in turn nourishes the colony.

Atta cephalotes

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