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Species: Myrmecia tarsata


Breeding difficulty: Difficult


Castes: No


Size :

Queen: 24-26 millimeters

Workers: 17-23 millimeters


Type of foundation: Non-claustral independent


Harvest location: Australia


Number of gynes: Monogyne


Rearing temperatures: 23-26 degrees


Rearing humidity: 60-70%


Food: Insects and sweet liquids


Hibernation: Yes, 3 months at around 15 degrees


Type of nest: Reconstituted stone, resinated plaster, terrarium, cellular concrete


Description: Myrmecia tarsata is one of 90 species of bulldog ants, it is native to Australia. Myrmecia are quite difficult to establish, you have to pay attention to the queen while avoiding stressing her which can lead to the consumption of her brood. Myrmecia have a venom that can be dangerous for people allergic to insects.

Myrmecia tarsata

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